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Wheat and Rice Reaper

Wheat and Rice Reaper

1. 4GL-150 Wheat and Rice Reaper

Product Features:
It is used for reaping wheat and rice that is between 0.5- 1.2meters high. The reaping width has 1 meter,1.2 meters and 1.5 meters. It transmission gear takes the chains and sprocket wheels. It is hung in front of TG4 Countryside Supervisor during the reaping work. It has compact structure. It is convenient, agile, credible and good in performance. It is easy to operate and to maintain.
Technical parameter :
     Item Technical parameter
Power 9Hp Air-cooled diesel engine
Overall dimension (mm) 2167×1790×925
Working Efficiency 0.3~0.53 Ha./ h
Working speed 50-60m/min
Weight(kg) 230
Reaping width(mm) 1500
Stubble height(mm) ≤100
Reaping style Side lay
Total loss <1%
Major engine body Packing dimension (mm) 1215*730*780
harvester machine Packing dimension (mm) 1560*845*650

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