QTF3-20 Block / Brick Making Machine



3-20 concrete paver brick  making machine 
1,brick machine the aircraft used reciprocating-oriented feed device, broken arch harrow fabric Express fabrics, uniform fabrics quickly: the use of mold box vertical directional vibration suppression of molding, forming a short cycle, production efficiency, quality of block-compacting, high strength, size is accurate, beautiful appearance.
     2, brick machine hydraulic system uses advanced integrated hydraulic system, transmission sophisticated, efficient and stable operation. With oil cooling device, adapted to different environmental temperature
Degrees under the conditions of production.
     3,brick machine molding machine cutting time, the time and cloth fabrics oscillation frequency, can be easily Materials and modify settings. Can achieve automatic, manual separately control, interlocking parts to prevent the wrong action, the production of safe and reliable operation.
     4,brick machine one with many machines, both the production of load-bearing blocks, while the production of non-load-bearing block, through the replacement of mold can produce a wide range of the corresponding block walls, interior walls and Flower wall block, berm block, road blockblock and so on. The aircraft structure is compact, stable performance, high reliability and easy operation and maintenance, small footprint, less investment, quick, good economic returns, it is adapted to large, medium and small cities and towns selected building materials enterprises.
 Main technical performance and parameters
 Forming cycle 2           0-30 (s)
 Pallet Specifications       660 × 530 × 6 (mm)
 Whole weight             3 T
 Overall dimensions        4000 × 3500 × 2300 (mm)
Product Type L × W × H
A quantity Theoretical yield
Per hour 10 hours
Bread paver 200×100×60 10 1800 18000
S color paver 225×112.5×60 8 1440 14400
Brick block 390×190×190 4 960 7680
Brick road 200×100×60 16 2880 23040


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