20 HP Tractor 2WD, Two Wheel Drive Tractor

20 HP Tractor 2WD

20 HP Tractor 2WD

The characteristics of tractor from 20hp to 24hp
  1. Semi-separation hydraulic lifters are using reliable. Lifter cylinder bore is 80mm (other companies are 75mm).
  2. Final drive transmission use planetary reducer structure. Large transmission ratio, load bearing equality, stably transmission, little noise and long life using. ( the common size)
  3. The ground clearance of High ground clearance tractors  is 150mm higher and better through performance than the common ones.
  4. When you shifting or slowing down, the gear pump in the front is not affect the agricultural implements. It is satisfied with customer using tractor in the farm.
  5. Wet disc brake is using stably ,reliably, and long time
  6. The speed is 10%-27% higher than other same type tractor. It is high efficiency and saving fuel in the transport.
  7. The tractor has pin-type differential locks; this can avoid single side slipping effectively when climbing the mountain or bridge slope. It drives quickly and strongly.
  8. Air filter is 200-350mm taller than other same products. It can reduce engine troubles and keep sir clean when air through in.
  9. The tractor’s lamps are more than other same products. It is more bright and safe when driving in the night.
 10.   The tractor’s hood has spring open structure. It’s convenient when opening hood.
 11.   Strainer is fit in the front of water tank; it can avoid hays and sundries to block up water tank. Strainer is convenient for loading or unloading and cleaning.
 12.   Front and rear wheel tread are adjustable. So our tractors are suitable for use in different farmland.
The main specification of 20hp to 24hp tractor
Tractor Model 200 204 240 244
General Specification Driver Type 4×2 4×4 4×2 4×4
Length*width*Height(mm) 3545*1488*1922 3545*1488*1923 3545*1488*1924 3545*1488*1925
Traction force(KN) 6.2 7.5 7.9 9.48
Steering Machanical hydraulic Machanical hydraulic
Wheel base(mm) 1634 1675 1755 1799
Front wheel tread(mm) 1172-1472 1200 1172-1472 1200
Rear wheel tread(mm) 1148-1448 1148-1448 1148-1448 1148-1448
P.T.O.Max.Power(Kw) 18.8 18.8 21.8 21.8
Ground clearance(mm) 320 260 360 280
Engine Type SL2105ABT2 SL2105ABT2 SL3100ABT2 SL3100ABT2
Bore×Stroke(mm) 105*117 105*117 100*117 100*117
Rated revolution (r/min) 2300 2300 2300 2300
Max.torque(n.m) ≥114.2 ≥114.2 ≥131.8 ≥131.8
Speed of Max.torque r.p.m. ≤11725 ≤11725 ≤11725 ≤11725
Transmission Clutch Single-stage clutch
Gear box 8F+2R
Working device Lifter tilling depth control Power,bit-conditioning
Max.lifting capacity( KN ) 5 5 5.8 5.8
Suspension type Class 1  3-Point hitch
Speed of P.T.O.(r/min) stardard:540/720;optional:540/1000,720/1000


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