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Farrowing Crate

Farrowing Crate

Sow Farrowing Crate With Stainless Steel Feeder
1.Overall hot-dip galvanized GB one inch pipe,strong anticorrosion,no rust,never sealing-off; As we do overall hot galvanized processing after welding,thus make the pipe more strong and durable;
2.Slat floor at sow position is nodular cast iron floor with smooth surface,super load-bearing capacity not easy to break,and reasonable aperture improve the leak dung effect;
3.Comfortable feeling and thickened plastic slat floor,keep piglets growing safe and better;
4.Good PVC fence around,smooth and easy to clean,together with strong stents,beams and legs,make contribution to make super farrowing crate;
5.Adjustable sow position size,set aside comfortable sapce to suitable for different size of  pigs,(refer to CC-A1 and CC-B1);
6.Equipped with tall back stainless steel pig feed trough,no feed spill out,no waste and the material is antirust,anticorrosion,keep feed hygeian,also easy to clean.

Overall size

1.8*2.2/unit(one sow position)                                     

Tube size

GB One inch tube

fence material

PVC board

Material of sow  location

Nodular cast iron floor

Material of pigling location                                 

Plastic floor

Process technology

Overall hot-dip galvanized


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