70 HP Tractor 4WD, Four Wheel Drive Tractor

70 HP Tractor 4WD

70 HP Tractor 4WD

Model SH700 SH704
Drive Type 4*2WD 4*4WD
Outer profile size (L*W*H)  
Wheel tread (front/rear wheel)  
minimum gap 440mm 340mm
weight 2740kg 31010kg
additional weight front 270kg/rear 480kg front 270kg/rear 480kg
Gear number (forward/reverse/crawl) 8/2/ 8/2/0
Maximum tractive force ≥13.5KN ≥14.8KN
enigine LR4B3-T90  
Inspiratory way naturally aspirated naturally aspirated
number of cylinders 4 4
Bore X Stroke(MM) 108*135 108*135
Roted Power 51.5KW 51.5KW
Roted Power 2200r/min 2200r/min
Steering system pattern fluid-link steering fluid-link steering
Braking system pattern Wet disc brake, mechanical control Wet disc brake, mechanical control
Clutch type Dry single-acting/double action Dry single-acting/double action
minimum turning radius 4.6±0.2mm 4.9±0.2mm
Tire model (front/rear wheel)  
  Tire pressure (front/rear wheel)  220~250/118~137KPa  118~137/118~137Kpa
  Suspension type   Rear suspension at 3   Rear suspension at 3
  Frame maximum lifting force  11.58KN  11.58KN
  Hydraulic output device  M20×1.5  M20×1.5
  Power output shaft type  Half detached   Half detached


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