QT4-15C Block / Brick Making Machine



QT4-15C block  machine  PLC intelligent control.Main-machine interface, control system equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. It doesnt need a professional person but only need a simple trainning to the operator.
(1) Productivity
Item Specification size Quantity per mold Cycle mouding Per hour Per day
400*200*200mm 4pcs 15-20s 720-960pcs 7200-9600pcs/day
240*115*90mm 14pcs 15-20s 2520-3360pcs 25200-33600pcs/day
Standard brick 240*115*53mm 28pcs 15-17s 5930-6720pcs 59300-67200pcs/day
(2) Main Technical Parameter 
Dimension 7100*1600*2610mm
Rated pressure 16MPa
Main vibration platform
Vibration frequency 4600r /min
Pallet Size 1020*570mm
Molding Cycle 15-25(s)
Overall Power 27.5kw
Raw Materials crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite, and other industrial wastes.
Applied Products concrete blocks, solid/hollow/cellular masonry products, paving stones with or without face mix, garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.
Applied Fields widely used in buildings, road pavers, squares, gardens, landscaping, city constructions, etc.


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